Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Planning for the future can be difficult.  Death is not something anyone wants to discuss, let alone plan for.  Because of this, people make many serious mistakes in how we arrange our finances, property, and Wills.  We make assumptions that their kids will be fair to each other or just figure out how to share on their own.  Or worse, we procrastinate our planning until it is too late to plan.

When these mistakes are made, families have to sort things out, and often lawyers and courtrooms are involved a great cost to both the assets of the estate and the relationships of your heirs.

Your duty to your spouse and children in your estate planning is to ensure they are all provided for.  That duty is assessed from the date of your death, not the date when you plan your estate and sign your Will.  What will satisfy that duty 10 or 20 years from now is not always simply assessed.

When things are simple, a simple and affordable Will for you and often a parallel Will for your spouse and some basic advice on financial structuring will make estate planning a painless experience.

Sometimes things are more difficult.  There are minor children involved who need trusts and trustees.  You believe you have valid reasons to make your distribution complex or unbalanced.  You have valid reasons to believe your heirs will fight over things.  Some of your heirs may be vulnerable due to age or health concerns and need stronger structures which will protect them.  In these circumstances, we can formulate solutions that will back your intentions with a strong legal foundation that will protect the estate and your legacy from litigation and serve your intended goals.

Mr. Menkes will provide a quote for handling estate planning after assessing the complexity of your needs.  Your first consultation to make that assessment is free.

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